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Two attitude components were evaluated: Associate in Nursing affectional posture was measured past students’ emotions OR feelings toward commandment methods; and A psychological feature attitude was measured past their attitudes toward the intellectual content, so much as the facts and information taught past the three commandment methods [ 78, 79,. The boilersuit average out of students was high for self-ratings of affective position toward gamification than for orthodox teaching students ( Table 4) and was similar for the psychological feature attitude. A non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test indicated that differences achieved significance 'tween totally attitude components and precept methods ( p = 0.001). Following the Kruskal-Wallis test, pairwise comparison tests were conducted to determine the difference 'tween the three pairs of teaching methods in recounting to attitude components. The differences between orthodox and GBL pairs ( P = 0.001) and 'tween gay bbs orthodox and gamification pairs ( phosphorus = 0.001) are shown in Table 3. The GBL and gamification pairs did non significantly vary ( p = 0.351) and the results from the cognitive attitude component were uniform.

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